Saturday, May 30, 2009

looking like a house!

Progress on our house! I just received these pictures from our MI Homes agent, Korey . . . and we are glad to see that it is finally looking like a real house! He said the house is now finished with the framing (with more pictures to come soon). We'll keep updating you, as the house progresses.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

three D ultrasound pictures . . .

Not really sure how I feel about these pictures . . . they are definitely weird looking to say the least. But I wanted to share them anyway, in case my child really does look like an alien when he is born, we will all have had a heads up about it! (just kidding) And, whose nose is that anyway? Matt says it's just smushed against my pelvic bone . . . I just don't know . . .

Hand in the eye . . .

good picture of hand and lips . . .

So my OB appt was yesterday (5/19), and he weighed about 4 lb, 3 oz (44th percentile). I asked Dr. Grace which way he was turned, and she felt my belly and said head-down. Then we confirmed with ultrasound, and sure enough, his head was down, back toward my right side (so, turned facing left), and feet were in my ribs! During the 3D ultrasound, he was just wild! He would not hold still, kicking me continuously . . . maybe he doesn't like having his picture taken!
I am still having swelling in my feet/ankles, but my BP was low and she was not worried about it. I still haven't done my glucose screening test . . . maybe on Saturday I will do that. I have to go to the doctor every 2 weeks now, so I will be sure to keep you all updated!

some may call it progress . . .

The "progress" on our new home was a bit disappointing, when we arrived in Chapel Hill last week. When we met with the builder on 5/6, they had just broken ground and started pouring the foundation. The building permit had been delayed for over 1 month . . . so instead of seeing our house going up, we were able to see concrete being poured.

(on the bright side) As I mention in my next posting, we were impressed with the builder, Eric Andrews. He seems to be really on top of everything and very capable. Our real estate agent has heard excellent reports of his work from around town. So we are hoping he will deliver good results, with completion of the house in September.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

three peas in a pod . . .

May 2 - May 9th . . . our "vacation" to NC. Somehow, our vacation entailed over 3,000 miles of driving and a rather stressful meeting with our builder. Next time, we're going to Antigua!
(just kidding) It was great to see our family and friends. We stayed in Southern Pines with Matt's family from Saturday to Wednesday. Saturday, May 2nd, we attended Matt's cousin's wedding in Clinton, NC . . . a very splendid affair! On Sunday, I journeyed to Raleigh to see Christina and be a part of her baby shower (see the next posting). Monday, we spent in SP with Matt's family and had dinner at Vito's Italian Restaurant (yum!). Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, we travelled to Chapel Hill/Raleigh to pick out lighting for our house and meet with the builder. At least, when we left our lot in Briar Chapel, they had (just) broken ground, and we felt that the builder would be very proactive in moving things along. Our new estimated closing date on the house is end of Sept.
One of my favorite parts about being in Southern Pines was breakfast with Matt's dad (on Monday and Wednesday morning)! I love our conversations with him, and he is absolutely thrilled about being a grandfather.
After our visit in Southern Pines, we journeyed over to G-town to stay with my parents. Jackie and Noah also decided to come for a visit, which was a wonderful surprise. We also visited my grandmother, who just moved into a beautiful new condo in Belmont, NC.

three peas in a pod . . . One morning during breakfast, my dad pulls out his tape measure and measures my belly (36.5"), Jackie's belly (37"), and his own belly (37")! We all had a good laugh!
Jackie and I are about the same size, as you can see . . . me at 30 weeks and Jackie at 28 weeks.

Matt . . . taking notes on how to feed a 2 yr old breakfast (mommy obviously eats last!).

Noah (almost 2 1/2 yrs) . . . one big bundle of energy! Always laughing, smiling, and into something!

Mom and Jackie threw a beautiful baby shower for me (Saturday 5/9). I was really touched by everyone's thoughtfulness and generosity!

UNC tarheel binkies! a must-have in this family! (thank you Kristen and Kim) I also received this blue boppie pillow, which I know will help with the breastfeeding.

hours of fun and enjoyment . . . a breast pump!

Frankie was really a trooper, making the trip from NOLA to Gastonia, 10 + hours in the car. Sleeping sitting up!

My poor feet . . . the swelling seems to be getting worse every week! My work shoes are so tight, I have to really squeeze to get my feet into them!

And, just for comparison, here I am at 28 weeks prego.

During our travels, we saw this interesting sign in the back of a pickup truck . . . we had a good laugh! how true

Saturday, May 16, 2009

two baby bumps . . .

Christina's baby shower . . . a beautiful afternoon in Raleigh, spent at Emily's gorgeous home. The weather was perfect, the food was yummy, and the girl time was too much fun! Here are some pictures from the event. Emily's backyard was amazing, and we spent most of the afternoon lounging on her back patio/deck.
Christina and I are both right at 29 weeks (we are due within one day of each other).

We were wondering if there was a matching one for mom? too cute!

Godzilla thoroughly enjoyed the baby shower . . . Emily has her own baby!

the girls, enjoying the back deck after opening gifts

Anne, Allison, Christina, me, Jacqi (sp?), Lee, and Emily

We all had a fabulous afternoon and are hoping to get together again soon (hopefully, once I move to Chapel Hill)!