Wednesday, August 26, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go

Matt started work on Monday at UNC Hospitals, and so he has temporarily relocated to Southern Pines to be closer to Chapel Hill (an hour commute to work). Therefore, Grey and I spent the last few days in Southern Pines with Matt and Grandma & Grandpa Raynor. The car trip to SP entailed 2 1/2 hrs of screaming crying, but then Grey slept for 6 hrs that night (hmm . . . is 6 hrs of sleep worth 2 1/2 hrs of hysterical crying? that's a tough-y!)
We celebrated Matt's 33rd birthday on Tuesday with gingerbread cake and lemon sauce! Here are a few pictures from that night . . .

Here are a few shots of Grey at 6 weeks . . . at this time, he has spent half of his life in NOLA and half in NC (half Cajun & half Carolinian!)

Here, Grey is sporting his Budda onsie (it says, "I am here to teach you . . . patience")

Great-Grandma (GG) and Grey

A few pics of Grey and mom, back in Gastonia . . . luckily, the trip back to Gastonia was much quieter!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baltimore trip & the Family Reunion

Last week Matt and I travelled to Baltimore for 3 days and then to Charlestown, WV for my family reunion (actually, my mother's side of the family). Traveling with a 5 week old is really not that easy. We packed 3 bags of stuff for Grey, and Matt and I put our clothes in one suitcase! Not to mention, the pack'n play and car seat . . . it's really a lot of stuff for one little guy! In addition, because our Grey is a 'spitter' (to say the least), we had to do laundry every other day.
Anyway, a few pictures from our trip . . . Matt and Grey at my sister's house in Baltimore (both are very excited to be there, obviously) . . .

Jackie's new little one . . . Ian Russell Bates at 2 weeks old

Trip to Charlestown from Jackie's house . . . Grandma ("Nanny"), Noah, and Grey in the backseat

Grey in the car, on the way to Charlestown - Grandma is trying to appease him during the ride with the binky

Grey's first dip in the pool . . . he didn't seem to enjoy it so much . . .

Friday night, at Valerie's (my mom's cousin) big victorian house in downtown Charlestown, we had a big cook-out with burgers and chicken (great food). Here are some photos from the front porch . . . . first, the Bates family . . .

Jackie and Ian, me and Grey

Jackie with my cousins Kristen and Kim

Jackie with her snug-bug

Picture of Grey at Val's

Grey, passed out at the hotel . . .

Grandma with Ian on her shoulder . . .

Grey, Grandma, and (great) Aunt Sheila

Aunt Sheila, Aunt Donna & my Grandma (sisters)

Me and cousin Sara (actually my second cousin)

Matt and Grey at the reunion . . .

My Aunt Diana's family (from left to right, top row then bottom): Mike, Paul, Matt, Paul's girlfriend Brittney and her little girl, Uncle John, Aunt Diana, and my Grandma

So good to see all the family, and Grey was a big hit! Everyone loved meeting him, and baby Ian. I am so glad I got to spend some time with my new nephew - Ian is just precious. Visit my sister's blog to see more pictures of him.