Saturday, November 22, 2008

need I say more . . .

for those of you who haven't already heard . . . it looks like we have a confirmed hit! right at the top of my uterus. I never really understood how to read these things (and have always found other people's ultrasound pictures ultra-boring) . . . but apparently that little black spot is the "yolk sac", according to my doctor. I am too early (around 5 weeks) to see anything significant, but have another appointment december 4th.

During the ultrasound session, I am commenting on how it just looks like a bunch of gray and black abstract images (meaningless to me, really) . . . while Matt is commenting on how full my bladder looks in the picture! go figure!

a 30 year old gypsy

Yes, yes . . . I am officially old now. No more, "oh, I'm in my twenties." My birthday came and passed so quickly, leaving me just plain 30! I must say that my husband went way overboard on the gift . . . an all-day spa package at the Ritz Carlton (salt bath, body massage, facial, body scrub, manicure, pedicure). It felt amazing, and relaxing. I was so pampered, I almost felt guilty!
For Halloween, we were planning to go to a party (which fizzled out, as Matt was too tired), but I must have tried on like ten gypsy costumes . . . this one was my favorite.
What a fabulous gypsy I would have made!

My dear sister also went way overboard for my 30th birthday, with this very classy, velvet jacket from Ann Taylor, and turquoise earrings . . . have to look good once you're 30!

Here is the dinner I made last week . . . proof that I really do feed Matt. (Don't know why he stays he soooo skinny!) It's kinda depressing to know that I'll be gaining so much weight (and will probably surpass him in size!).

Frankie loves me, even if I am old and 30!

(I'm reading my new dragon book in this picture . . . still not sure I'm sold on sci fi!)