Friday, October 29, 2010

Celebrating 4 months old with 3 month pics . . .

Cam is 4 months old today, which I find really hard to believe! You blink your eyes and a month is gone. Cam is doing great, loving life and loving his big brother. He loves to watch Grey, who can amuse him for a significant amount of time. Cam is a talker, too - cooing and babbling, excited squeals when he sees Grey doing something funny. But watch out, if he starts crying, Grey is quick to follow suit. (Mommy has to escape to her mental beach house when this happens.) Cam is also a TV fan and will sit on your lap, mesmerized by the TV. Eating about 5-6 times per day, and pooping almost as much. And, best of all, sleeping through the night (since about 10 weeks old.) I really can't complain.

A few pictures from a month ago (end of Sept). Cam is about 3 months old, and Grey is about 14 months.

Grey is obviously not happy about something . . .

Grey, giving his brother some love . . . (which means a "gentle" head butt)

I will post again soon with some 4 month pics of Cam . . . it takes my camera all night long to upload pictures - so I am going to start now!