Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Belly Shots

See if you can tell a difference in two weeks . . . the first two pictures are from two weeks ago, when I was 25 weeks prego. The next pictures are from today . . . 27 weeks prego.

Overall, I've been feeling good. Falling asleep is getting difficult, as I find myself slightly short of breath when I lay flat. Not mention the continuous kicking that occurs when I lay down to go to bed. Then I toss and turn to find a comfortable position (for me and the baby!). He does not like to feel pressure against my belly, and he will kick until I turn on my back to relieve the pressure. It is definitely turning into a process to fall asleep. And, between the cat, the baby, and my extra 30 pounds, I think Matt's portion of the bed is shrinking!
Otherwise, I've been working a lot (over 20 hrs of overtime in the last two weeks), and I was exhausted this weekend. Matt and I have also been putting a little extra work into keeping the condo clean for potential lookers. No one has come to see the place in the past week, but it is still early for us to sell. Please keep us in your prayers . . . that our house sells in a timely fashion, we find child care in Chapel Hill (that doesn't cost a fortune!), and most importantly . . . that our baby is born healthy (and easily)! Matt is convinced I am growing a big baby, and even more convinced that I will need a c-section. It is all in God's hands, so I am not worried one way or another.
We have a week of vacation coming up in two weeks . . . the first week in May. We are travelling to NC to visit Matt's family (and go to his cousin's wedding), to check on our house, and to visit my family (and do a baby shower). I will post again when we return.