Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rays Of Us

Hello Blog Followers!
We are updating to a new form of picture blogging, on this new website:

Please continue to follow us on this new site, as we'll post recent pictures and blog updates there. This new site allows for easier browsing of entire picture albums, and the option to buy prints if you are interested!

Thank you for your loyal support of this blog (at
I would love to hear your feedback about this blog vs. the new one, and which one you like better. I have no idea who or how many people follow my blog. So if you could leave a comment, I would love it!

Who knows . . . we may eventually return to this blog! Thank you, Carly.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

If you have two, what's five more?

My cousins from NY, Colleen and Darren, arrived Saturday 4/7 for a long anticipated visit! We thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with them, and meeting their extraordinary children (extraordinary because of their wondrous behavior!). Indeed, their five children were no more work than our two. Darren joked around about how if you already 5, what's 2 more? But, by the end of the week, I was agreeing with just the reverse! Of course, as a parent of two little rascals (and an aunt of two more wild coyotes), my expectations were adjusted accordingly . . .but still, I was left thinking that maybe another little girl wouldn't be bad at all!
(don't get your hopes up, grandma)

From left to right: Cam, Grey, Lily, Kaitlin, Rachel, Emily, and Olivia

Darren and Kaitlin . . .

Emily, Colleen, and Lily . . .

Lily giving Cam a hug, so sweet . . . .

At the NC Zoo in Asheboro with Grandma and Grandpa . . .

Group shots at the zoo . . .

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March Vacation

Pictures from our week at North Myrtle Beach with Becca, David, and baby Drew (at Soo-Soo's beach house) March 14-17:

Becca and David's nieces, Margaret and Liza, came to visit the boys . . . super cute girls!

Cam, so exhausted, passed out first in the high chair, then on the floor beside the couch . . .

Baby Drew with his grandma . . .

Chasing bubbles in the back yard!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

a "Fearrington" afternoon

Lucky for us, the weather was goregous this afternoon, and we took the boys to the farm at Fearrington Village (5 min from us). After Grey's initial horror of meeting a cow (screaming & crying with a death grip on Matt), he decided to sit in the grass and "moo" at the cows. It was really cute, even in the car on the way home, he was saying "moooo, moooo." Cam immediately fell in love with the cows, also "moo-ing" at them and then tried to climb over the fence to join them. Gotta love that little guy!

Cam would have actually thrown himself into the pond, had not Matt been holding onto him! Cautious Grey just watched his crazy little brother!