Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lake Gaston - Labor Day 2011

We stayed three nights at Olde Ferry Estates over Labor Day, and we love the lake! Sally and Shelton, along with my parents, and Jim & Steph joined us in the 5 bedroom lake house (which was fully equipped with gourmet kitchen, classy decor, wood floors, luxurious master bed and bath, pool table, ping pong table, huge dock/boat house, etc). The boys had a ball, although, there were times that fatigue trumped the fun. Cam refused to sleep in the pack n play - screaming bloody murder for hours when we tried to put him to bed. Grey slept OK, but refused to eat anything! Besides that, mommy did find some peace and relaxation on the boat (Steph & Jim's fish-n-ski boat).

Returning from our first outing on the boat . . .

View up the cove from our dock:

Pics of the house we stayed in . . . huge kitchen that opened to the living/dining room:

The back porch . . . the boys and their "papa":

Returning to our "estate" on the boat, we were the last dock on the left:

Matt, coming out to help unload the boys from the boat . . .

More house pics . . . the living room:

Geared up and ready to roll . . . out on the lake, that is . . . sun screen, hats, water shoes, and life jackets, check!
(Can't you see the enthusiasm?)

Pa, giving tips to the lake-goers . . . don't jump out the boat!

The only way Cam would sleep was in the boat . . . so, lots of boating during nap times and just before bed!

Grey's favorite was driving the boat (with Mr. Jim, of course)!

A-hoy Mate-ys!

The CREW . . . captain Jim, first mate Grey, concierge Pa . . .

Mom and Cam

Cam, feeling the wind in his hair . . .

Oh, so tired! Resting his head on the boat!

Cool Dude!

Cam's "do", looking like the wind has been in his hair

SOOOOOOOOOO TIRED!!! (and still refusing to sleep!)

Grey's first time catching a fish! (but he accidentally touched its fin, and he was scared of it after that)

Sunday night, out to dinner at "The Pointe" . . . almost everyone ordered fish n chips!

All-in-all, a great mini-vacation. We would definitely recommend Lake Gaston - very family oriented with nice houses, and prices were definitely cheaper than Smith Mountain Lake. The house we stayed in was brand new and very spacious. We are definitely keeping the lake trip in our vacation rotation!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summertime (July - August 2011)

For once, my boys sitting with each other and enjoying it . . .

Cam's first haircut - a rather hairy ordeal (pun intended!)

It's amazing how tolerant Jackson is! Cam definitely pushed his limit!

More posts coming soon . . . Grey's first day of preschool was Sept 6th (last Tuesday), and for Labor Day, we visited Lake Gaston! Good times, Good times . . .