Thursday, January 15, 2009

the name game just took a turn for the worse

Just returning from my 14 week OB appointment, and lo and behold . . . we were able to see the "little thing," as I'm calling it. This was, for sure, the most exciting ultrasound I've ever been a part of! Before we went in to do the ultrasound, I asked my doctor if she thought we might be able to tell the sex. She said not to get our hopes up, because "stuff" doesn't start differentiating until 12-13 weeks (and I am 13 weeks, 6 days). But sure enough, we got caught a picture right between his legs! Then I asked my doctor, so are you like 70-80% sure its a boy? and she said, no . . . that's a boy . . . and how a appropriate for a urologist's son to show off so early! Our little one was moving all around, waving his arms and hands, fingers spread out, and Dr. Grace said that was a good sign. HR was in the 150's.

Wishing I had a computer scanner, but here are the ultrasound pictures from my camera . . . yes, folks, his head is the same size as his body . . .

You can see the leg and foot in this picture . . . little bit of the elbow and arm to the left.

He's waving here, with his fingers spread out . . .

Face shot here, or should I say mostly forehead and brain shot . . . (kinda looks alienish!)

And, last but not least, his fully intact spinal cord.

These pictures are not the best quality, but we are saving the originals for all to see! Matt was able to get a little time away from Dr. Thomas to join me at the appt, and we are both excited! However, the girl names, we were agreeing on . . . boy names, not so much! We'll keep you posted.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Big 2-9

My two-ly amazing sister turns a whopping 2-9 today! So Jackie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And take my advice, enjoy your twenties while they last! (Ha! Ha!)
Becca . . . if you read this . . . your blog pictures from Mexico look awesome! I bet you guys had a lot of fun. Maybe we should all consider a Mexico vacation next?
And, for everyone else, my next preggo check-up is next Thursday. I'm exactly 13 weeks today, so next week, I'll be almost 14 weeks. I'm really hoping the little one is going to be cooperative and maybe give us a glimpse of its boy/girl status! Let's keep our fingers crossed!