Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Noah turns One!

New Years in Baltimore - celebrating many important events, including Noah's first birthday, family together-ness, and the New Year. We had a most splendid time, with plenty of eating, drinking, sleeping, shopping, and "apple-upping" (the new game that we played over and over). The weather was a bit chilly, but Connor kept a fire going in the fireplace just about every night. Connor's parents (Betty and Mike) and his aunt (Aunt Elaine) were also in Baltimore for a visit, and we had such a nice time getting to know them better. My parents were also there, so it was a good thing Connor & Jackie bought a house with five bedrooms, four baths and a huge basement! Noah has grown so much and is soooooo smart! We really enjoyed our play time with him.
Here is a picture of Mike sitting by the fire - I'm surprised I'm not right in front of it as well (that's where I usually was)!

Noah got to open one of his presents early since Aunt Elaine was leaving. This ingenious little toy had a very catchy jiggle that we heard over and over again . . . "Press the buttons on the phone, call your friends, say hello; press the buttons on the phone, ring, ring, hell-lo" to the tune of "London Bridge". Oh yes, I remember it quite well.

On the day of Noah's birthday party, Noah was in high spirits - surrounded by his loved ones in strange pointed hats, having so many pictures taken that we're sure he saw stars for hours.

And, Daddy bought a special bubble machine - it was pure magic in the living room.

We were excited to meet Brooke and Ganin, the other mom and little boy, in the Nanny-share with Jackie. Ganin was also thrilled about the bubbles, and all of Noah's new toys!

Noah (or rather, Jackie, Connor and Ganin) opened up lots of new toys.

And, the highlight of the afternoon was Noah's first birthday cupcake. He had obviously never experienced such sheer bliss on his taste buds.

It was just a little messy . . . and Noah wanted to share.

Sisters . . . celebrating the New Year

Jackie and Connor

Matt and Noah

Frankie was awful glad to see us when we returned! She has been in our laps and sleeping on top of us since we got back.

Frankie is thinking, "How dare you leave me alone for five days!"