Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas 2010

At one-and-a-half and a-half, Christmas hasn't quite reached it's peak of excitement . . . but next year, I'm sure it'll be quite different. Both boys loved all the attention, though, and new toys. Nanny and GG were here until Christmas Eve, then we spent a "quiet" Christmas morning together, just the four of us. Christmas afternoon we headed to Clinton, to see Matt's relatives at his Aunt Delores' house.

Grey, smacking his brother on the head, which earned him a time-out.

A few pics from Clinton . . .

Cam found a good friend in Aunt Ann!

A White Christmas . . .

The day after Christmas, it snowed. A lot! 5 or 6 inches. Grey's reaction to the snow was similar to his reaction toward sand - he did not want to "dirty" his hands with it.

Getting bundled up to go outside . . . the enthusiasm is contagious!