Sunday, November 11, 2007

Halloween, Highlights, and a new friend for Frankie

Greetings from NOLA! The past few weeks have been a steady stream of working, sleeping, and weekend shopping. I've experimented with a few new recipes - the fiesta pie was NOT good, but Matt ate it anyway. We had some friends (Melissa and Scott) over last week for dinner. I cooked ham, Sally's sweet potatoe casserole, and green bean casserole. They loved it! And, we drank the fantastic bottle of wine that Jackie sent me for my birthday (the grapefruit-flavored wine). This week I am cooking Jackie's vegetable lasanga. Exciting stuff, I know.

Here is our official family portrait! Frankie was not thrilled to be pulled away from her nap for the photo.

Picture of my new highlights - I went to a new hairdresser yesterday to get blond highlights - Vella's Coiffure Salon. My hair turned out a little bit streaky, but I like it pretty good. (Matt said it looked "Gastonia streaky," and I was thoroughly offended!) Anyway, I'll probably go back in a month or two to get a more uniform blond look.

Frankie loves to stretch out on her back right in front of the door! Smart kitty!

So, we had bought all this candy for Halloween, and we only had like three trick-or-treaters. What a bummer! A devil, spiderman and a witch. By ten o'clock we were ready for bed, so I put the bowl of candy on our front door step with a note. And in the morning . . . it was untouched! Now we have lots of chocolate in our house . . . not good!

Frankie's new friend (or anxiety producing neighbor)! About once a day, this gray kitty comes to our door and meows. So, of course, I go outside and feed him some kitty treats. Frankie watches on in a fit of jealousy. And, like any good mother, I give her some treats as well. Here are some pictures from today of Frankie and gray kitty.

Before I go, I must point out the milestones during this month. Sally had a birthday on October 30th, and I turned 29 on November 2nd. I worked 12 hours on Friday 11/02, but Matt and I celebrated with dinner that weekend.
Take care everyone, and we'll post again soon!