Friday, November 13, 2009

In my bouncy chair

OK, so I'm a cluster blogger! By the time I sit down to update the blog, I realize I have a month's worth of pictures to share. So, here are three posts in one day! Grey has had a lot of "firsts" lately, here is the first time in his bouncy chair . . . now when we put him in it, he bends his knees and actually does some jumping! really cute!

Grey is getting better being on his belly . . . now he'll prop himself up on his arms and look at his toys. Not rolling over, yet, much to his father's chagrin, but it's sure to happen soon!

Grey had his 4 month doctor appt today, with two more shots, and he sure didn't like them! His bottom lip puckered right out, and big crocodile tears! poor little guy. He weighed 14 lb 2 oz and is 24 1/2 inches long, just under the 50th percentile for both catergories. Head circumference was 16 1/2 inches, which was right at the 50th percentile. Our doctor said he is growing really well and that we can start introducing fruits and veggies along with his rice cereal (but get ready for some stinky poops!).

First time with a spoon!

It was a messy endeavor, but the first time with a spoon was a success! Of course, as much of the rice cereal ended up on the front of Grey as it did down in the tummy, but such is life when you've never eaten anything before! Last picture is a video of Grey eating.

Doctor in Training

A couple weeks ago we had Halloween (and a rather warm Halloween it was, too). Our neighbors all got together that afternoon to take pictures of the kids and commemorate the first Halloween at Briar Chapel. We dressed Grey up in the scrubs that his Aunt Becca got for him. Everyone loved it - future surgeon, Dr. Grey!

Picture of the neighborhood kids - Pooh and Tigger live beside us. The rest live within a block of us. Lots of friends for Grey!

Grey doesn't know what to make of everyone's costumes! Everytime he saw Emily's headband with bouncy balls on top, he broke into a huge grimace!

Briar Chapel dads and their kids . . .

Cate and Myles are our next door neighbors . . . Myles is only 6 weeks older than Grey!