Sunday, June 29, 2008

Richard's graduation tribute

The urology chief resident at Tulane is graduating! Congratulations to Richard! And hello to Matt, new chief resident . . . with lots more work and responsibility. From left to right, you see Luke Fifer (3rd yr resident), Richard Matern (graduating chief), Brian Richardson (2nd yr resident), and Matt Raynor (4th yr resident).
In honor of the graduating chief, Luke, Brian and Matt made a video clip of "A day in the life of Richard" - there are seven scenes, and they are all posted on You Tube. Click on the following link to see the video clips:
Once you are on the website, click on "More from: carrenee" (on the right side of the screen) to get to the other scenes.

To drive . . . or not to drive

We opted not to drive in this flood . . . many of the roads were also flooded, not just our parking lot! Two weeks ago, we had such a storm - lightening, thunder, torrential downpour - and it lasted for several hours on Sunday morning. The drainage system must have been clogged with debris and pine needles - the water level in the parking lot kept rising - until finally, something broke loose and all the water began pouring down the drain (as you see in the picture below). The water came up over the curb, over the speed bumps, up onto the grass - almost up to our neighbor's knees! That's what you get when you live in a city below sea level!

Here is our (crazy) neighbor . . . contemplating a swim?

Here is picture during the storm . . . as you see, the water is creeping up our tires.

As Dr. Fox would say at Tulane, . . . Unbelievable!